Normondo! Winner of the 2007

America's Funniest Magician contest

in Las Vegas.

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Norm Barnhart’s Workshops & Lectures


These are classes Norm has taught over the years. He’s lectured on comedy and magic at Clown Camp University of LaCrosse 7 times, Wizard’s Weekend Magic Convention in Minneapolis 3 times. He’s also lectured at T.Myer’s Magic T- Jam Convention.  Klamm Bake Magic Convention in Kansas City, the WCA National Convention 5 times and the COAI, SECA & FCM National conventions. Plus many regional conventions.  He was a columnist for Laughmakers Magazine for 12 years and was the 1998 Laughmaker of the Year.  His ideas and magic tricks have been published in Genii – the Magicians Magazine, The Linking Ring, the Magazine of the International Brotherhood of Magicians. His column of comic magic and skit ideas has appeared for over 17 years for Clowning Around – WCA’s Comedy & Clown Publication.  Plus, 8 years of articles in the Fellowship of Christian Magician’s magazine. 


He is a Clean Comedian, M.C., Magician and all around Funny Guy.   He’s been a full time entertainer for over 28 years appearing in 49 states and 5 countries.  He’s toured Hawaii five times, Paul Bunyan Amusement Park for 12 years of special guest appearances, Knott’s Camp Snoopy 12 times, MN State Fair for 2 years of 6 day runs, and hundreds of Corporate banquets, Schools, colleges and family events.



Here are several of Norm's Lectures and Workshops


What they say about norms lectures

I had the pleasure of meeting many magicians in San Antonio, Texas this past week. I presented my workshop for them with many of my original magic inventions and routines. The class got a very good response.

Paul Amerson, a professional magician in Texas wrote: "I try to get one thing out of a lecture. Norm's lecture was all back to back stuff I can immediately use in my show. Fantastic material and great, great tips on how to make improvements to my performance. What a fantastic lecture."

The gentleman who is the liaison for the club and set up the lecture is Michael Tallon, a college professor in San Antonio. He wrote: "Thanks for the great lecture, Norm! It was very entertaining with lots of great tips for all magicians. I was very impressed and had a great time."

Thinking Theatrically


        This is a fun workshop that will improve your act through theatrical methods, such as; stage management, directing, blocking, entrances, exits.  We’ll learn a cool skit and discover how to improve it with the theatrical methods discussed.  We’ll also present several magic and balloon tricks and in the process demonstrate the positive effects of proper stage management.  The results of these theatrical skills include better audience response, bigger laughs, better comedy reactions and enjoyment of the audience.  



Cool Magic for Cool Kids - Magical Fun for Everyone!


          Here you will experience the amazing magic of Norm’s comical creations. Norm has presented thousands of shows for school audiences.  He has delighted Elementary as well as Jr. High and High School groups with his show that principals always gave the highest rating.  These original and hilarious routines will add laughter to your show.  Included are Norm’s Crazy Opening trick, World Famous Hot Dog Trick, Very Magical Flag Routine, Super Chicken, Sponge Ball Circus, The Emperor’s New Handkerchief, Pirate’s Piggy Bank, Jacque the Penguin – Mystery Solver, Dove from book, Spider from book, (learn Norm’s two routines with a unique loading method or adapt his method to produce almost anything from a book), Snowflake Fantasy, World’s Most Powerful Eraser,  Dove from Egg & and No mess Egg.  Plus: Norm’s comedy and handling of other original stage, party magic and close up tricks.  Lots of unique comedy magic.          


Improvisation Comedy Techniques that Make  You Funnier


          Add comedy to your act with Norm’s laugh filled comedy writing workshop.  You’ll discover fun improvisation skills, tricks and methods that will bring lots of comedy and bits of business to your act.  This is a non-stop laugh riot of a class.  Come prepared to laugh as you learn these amazing comedy techniques.




The Biz of Show-Biz   -  Marketing your Biz 


You’ll discover proven techniques to increase your business.  Show biz involves lots of biz.  How to get the gigs, contact prospective clients, market your talents, write copy that sells, establish prices, as well as budget and time considerations.  Discover great ways to increase your cash flow.


Norm is the author of Balloon Biz  - a book on marketing balloon animal art. However this is not a class only for balloon sculptors.  Many money making and business building techniques will be covered, as well as how Norm has made a living as a full – time performer for over 28 years.



Entertaining with Balloons


You’ll learn bits of business and comedy routines with balloons.  Great comedy with balloons for walk around, birthday party, restaurant and stage shows.  These are audience tested and proven routines that are fun and funny.  Years of experience making people laugh make Norm’s unique ideas valuable.  The class starts with ideas from Norm’s 1988 book “Entertaining with Balloons.” Many entertainers have said that this book revolutionized the way they approached balloon twisting.  Also included are routines from Norm’s 2000 book Comedy Balloon Hats. Learn valuable comic gags, bits of business, and routines that add entertainment to the balloon twisting - your audience will love it.



Comedy & Magic with Balloons


Magic with balloons in amazing, and when you add Norm’s comedy routines it’s astonishing and entertaining. Norm will show you how he changes red Kool-aid drink into red balloons or makes a balloon dog jump through a balloon hoop.  You’ll discover the secrets of how to make Rudolph the balloon Reindeer fly, send a birthday card into a balloon, magically stack balloon animals like magnetic acrobats, make an invisible balloon inflate and appear from no where.   Audiences gasp in amazement at the surprise ending of Norm’s original comedy routine “Harry Balloondini, the pin Cushion Balloon.”  It’s a fast and funny needle thru balloon routine that includes a surprise finish after the balloon pops, the pieces are picked up and then, magically restored.  The blown up balloon is then handed out to a child from the audience, with many jokes and bits of business. This class covers many of Norm’s cool balloon magic inventions that come with entertaining routines that delight audiences. 

"Norm is good, super duper! He is an inspiration to us here in Singapore when he came 3 years ago for a lecture. When you coming again? We loved his simple and yet powerful comedy magic"

Edwin Goh - Singapore IBM Magicians Club

"If you're looking for a lecture that will help increase your arsenal of magic for children, then look no further than Norm Barnhart. His lecture is packed full of very usable material that will help increase the entertainment value of your shows…I give Norm Barnhart a 5 out of 5 wand rating!"

Terry Owens, President of the A. H. Stoner IBM Ring 221 - Fort Wayne, IN

"Norm's classes are VERY VERY good. I learned a lot and I like his presentation Thanks Norm for the Comedy Magic!"

Benjamin the Juggling Clown from the Moscow Circus (35 years in MOSCOW CIRCUS)

"Norm’s workshop was great. If you work with kids, he is your guy to learn the trade. He is great for adults too. He explains how to make it work."

Ray Adams - President, I.B.M. Ring 18 San Antonio, TX

"Norm is a very fantastic MC. The many different characters were enjoyed by all. You’re greatest MC I have ever seen."

Uncle Fishy comedian - Edward Leary - Malaysia

"Norm is a wonderful entertainer and educator, and his classes are non-stop manic fun."

Cheryl Schwendel - New Jersey

"A friend and I had the opportunity to go to a Norm Barnhart two day conference in Portland Oregon. Norm taught Improvisation, Comedy Techniques and Comedy Magic. He was very informative and helpful. I learned a lot of techniques and comedy that I will be using in my performances. Norm has a great way of teaching and was very funny."

Randy Cornwell -Portland, OR

"Your Lecture was really good! It has given me many ideas! Thanks for coming to Singapore to give the lecture!!!"

Cynwell Tan - Singapore

"Just been on the Creativity at Sea 2013 cruise where Norm presented his lecture on Creativity and use of Humor. It was a great session and I would recommend Norm to any Magic and other Entertainment clubs who want a different lecture/session from the norm (pun intended). Norm was also part of the group for the week and it was great to learn informally from him and his lovely wife."

Kevin Jones -Creativity At Sea Magic Convention Cruise - Jamaica


 A Day with Norm Barnhart  

 - Comedy, Magic and Fun for Everyone


8:00AM-9:00AM  Registration and Refreshment


9:00AM   Class One – Entertaining & Magic with Balloons

           This is one session that combines 2 of Norm’s lectures

10:10AM  Break


10:30AM  Class Two - Comedy Writing Techniques &     

         Add Comedy to Your Act with Improvisation

11:30 AM  Break for lunch


12:30PM   Feature Program

               - Comedy Magic Show with Norm

  1:00PM   20 minute Break


  1:20PM   Class three – Magical Fun for Everyone

           - Norm’s lecture on his original Magic Routines

 2:30PM    Wrap up and Motivational Send Off.


 3:00PM     Fun and Fellowship


   Three Lectures and a Show!  One Very Fun Day!

Come and Laugh and be Inspired! 651-257-7116


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Norm's New Book is Here!

Cool Kid Show Magic

"Hola my friend! Reading your book and it's great! Love the Atomic Lamp idea! Norm! I love your new book! Many great ideas! THX!!!"

Josip Alajbeg - Jozo Bozo - Croatia

"Hey Norm! Thanks do much for sending your book! I love it"

John Kimmons-England

"Do yourself a favour and get this book! There are some really excellent ideas here!"

Jeremy Le Poidevin - Practical Magic - England

Click Here to read Jeremy's full book review!

Norm includes his stage magic for kids including:
  • Snowflake Miser’s Dream
  • Car Repair Shop
  • Pirate Treasure Tricks
  • The Amazing Fleas

Cool Kid Show Magic for the Twenty-Second Century

For the past hundred years magic books have raved about being filled with modern 21st Century Magic effects. Well, this book takes you on a journey to new and amazing marvels for the 22nd Century Magician. This is Modern Magic with an entertaining twist.

Comedy Magician and best selling children’s book author, Norm Barnhart has entertained audiences in all 50 states and 6 counties. He has been a full time entertainer for nearly 30 years and has developed many unique presentations that have brought laughter and amazement to audiences of kids, families, schools, libraries, day cares, fairs and festivals. He has comedy tailored for High School, corporate events and even blows away those tough Junior High audiences.

In this unique collection of magic you will discover: Appearing Beanie Bears, Floating Dolls, Cub Scout neckerchief stunts and tricks with mini-donuts!

There are naturally a few card tricks, but these have a twisted twist such as a card shark that finds the selected card and a dinosaur that does a freakish stunt. You will discover unusual birthday card tricks and even a birthday card to balloon.

You will discover Norm’s unusual method to suck helium out of a balloon on a string and cause it to go down, only to then refill the helium with the help of the kids. You will even uncover the elusive secret to make a coffee cup float with Helium Latte Foam!

And of course the 22nd Century Silks
Over 88 unique tricks and original routines!
"Hi Norm. Did your routine Fictional Friction on the ships last cruise. I have got to say it played very good, wollop the sparks flew, and the adults just fell about."
"Great routine from a great book!"
"Well done Norm."
- Jimmy Carlo - Cruise Ship Magician - England

"I loved your book! This book is loaded with
real working pro material. You can tell Norm works a lot! "
- Ken Scott - Atlanta Professional Magician

"Dear Laugh-Makers friends,
I recently got a copy of Norm Barnhart's new book, Cool Kid Show Magic -- it is filled with fun, audience-tested magic. If you don't find at least one or two things to add to your own repertoire, I'd be surprised!"
- Cathy Gibbons
"Norm, I wanted to congratulate you on your 130 page book Cool Kid Show Magic, it is pure gold! Very informative AND inspiring as well. I especially liked that you have placed valuable articles in between the routines. The photographs added well to the explanations and I enjoyed seeing your snapshots of you in action. The font choice and size make it an easy read and I was taking lots of notes as I read along. Job well done and keep up the great work. Full and part time entertainers really need books like these to inspire them to improve their programs. "
-Steve Kissell

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Amazing Magic Tricks

Get all four books in one large paperback!

My books that teach magic for kids are in libraries and bookstores all over the globe. Recently this nice review was posted on

Sold over 100,000 Copies!

"5.0 out of 5 stars One of the Best Books for Kids!", April 10, 2011
-Kevin A. Madden (San Francisco, CA)
This review is from: Amazing Magic Tricks (Paperback)

Buy all 4 Hard Cover books in 1 Edition! get the paperback edition today!

11.95 + shipping

Now available!

New DVD's from Norm!


"While attending the World Clown Convention, we purchased a set of Norm's DVDs. At our alley's meeting, we showed Norm's DVD for easy card tricks. Everyone enjoyed them tremendously. Norm did the trick first and then explained the trick in such easy, clean, instructions that almost all of our clowns were able to do the tricks."

Helene Kotyker - Call Us Clowns

"Just watched Norm's DVD's Cool Comedy, bits and gags and It's comedy! Thoughts for clowns . Loved them both so much, I have to have more from Norm."

Jorjan Plimmer - White Salmon, WA


Balloon Biz DVD

35 Dollars + shipping

Limited-time Special: 25 Dollars + shipping (when you buy Balloon Biz DVD and one other item on this site)

Cool Magic For Cool Kids

"You have many terrific ideas and I admire your work and enthusiasm." - Neil Kitrosser, Pennsylvania

"The DVD/material is outstanding." - Tomas Medina, Chicago, IL

"This is a great magic DVD." - Daytona Magic, Daytona Beach, FL

Jeremy from England writes:

"Norm is not only a terrific performer, he’s also a great teacher."

"I've had the advantage of seeing this DVD and you’re wondering whether to go for it or not. Let me say this emphatically: if this was a Practical Magic product I would be really proud. Sure, there are a few Americanisms, and if you’re reading this in the US then great! If you are reading it outside the US, I’d say that the material is entirely adaptable, and 95% of it needs no adaptation.

I think the material is first rate, and, more than that, you’ll learn a lot about performing for children: how to choose children to help you; how to get the most out of them; how to control children (in the best way possible); how to get the most out of simple material which really packs a punch.

This guy is GOOD, and you’ll think so too.

I unreservedly recommend this – and if I couldn’t honestly say that, I wouldn’t stock the DVD.

Jeremy Le Poidevin - Practical Magic

Magic from Norm's Reading Show!

NEW!!!! Cool Magic for Cool Kids instructional DVD, only $35.00 + shipping

This DVD contains norms original routines, including:

  1. Emperors New Cloths Magic
  2. Egg To Dove
  3. Comedy Funny Bone Gag
  4. A Funny Vanishing Bottle Routine
  5. Snowman in Arizona
  6. Herbert And The Sponge Ball Circus
  7. Norm's Variation On the Mis-Made Flag
  8. Another Take On The Flag Trick
  9. The Stamp Collecting Routine From Norm's Reading Magic Show
  10. The Appearing Spider
  11. The Appearing Spider Take 2
  12. The Mystery Book, Who Done It?
  13. Comedy Newspaper Tear (Performance Only)
  14. The Eye Test
  15. Norm's Library Card Trick

Wayne Kawamoto from reviews Norm's Handkerchief Trick:

"The handkerchief was clever & features lots of interaction and is always ready to go. This one is a keeper..."

click here to read the whole review

Order by the end of November and get Norm's "Comedy Magic & Balloons" Book FREE! (A $10 value)

The Amazing Mind-Reading Chicken

Comes complete with 20 minute instructional DVD, special rubber chicken, and comedy safety glasses regularly $50.00, on sale for $45.00 + $6.75 shipping

Comes complete with instructional DVD, foam hot dogs, you provide a hat! $30 + $5 shipping

DVD front cover DVD back cover

"Norm Barnhart's Comedy and Magic with Balloons Volume I and II is very easy to lean and apply to your birthday or balloon show. It's a must for every clown and magician. I highly recommend it."

Terry G. , Buffalo N.Y.

"I performed the Harry Balloondini routine and think your comedy and kids material is outstanding."

Justin Magician - San Antonio, TX

"Norm's got a good brain!" - T. Myers Magic

"I love the Baffling Balloon Blow Up. I have received great reactions from both children and adults."

Jackie Gallino - Professional Entertainer and Balloon Artist, St. Louis, MO

These are original comedy routines that will add magic with balloons to you shows at schools, libraries, festivals, and birthday parties. You'll get a ton of ideas that will make your show unique and stand out with success! These are routines norm has used in front of thousands of audience members front the past 25 years. You'll find ideas for restaurant work, as well as comedy bits of business. Norm toured all 50 states as a school assembly magician for 50 years and has developed many original comedy routines. These were originally two separate video tapes that are now on one DVD.

Comedy and Magic with Balloons Vol. 1 and 2 for professional magicians, only $34.95 + shipping

comedy & magic with balloonsCool DVDCards DVD

Buy these three DVD's, "Comedy and Magic with Balloons", "My Cool Magic Video" (10 easy to learn and easy to perform mysteries that will delight and amaze your audience), and "Norm's Super-Cool Card Magic", (10 easy to master card mysteries), and get Norm's book "Comedy Magic With Balloons" FREE! Only $59.95 + shipping

  • My Cool Magic DVD
  • Norm's Super-Cool Card Magic DVD

These two videos are designed for the magician who wants to teach a magic class. You could learn the tricks today and teach them tomorrow. Teach a class as a part of your birthday party show or at a YMCA, School, and Library.

Buy these three DVD's, "Comedy and Magic with Balloons", "My Cool Magic Video" (10 easy to learn and easy to perform mysteries that will delight and amaze your audience), and "Norm's Super-Cool Card Magic", (10 easy to master card mysteries), and get Norm's book "Comedy Magic With Balloons" FREE! Only $59.95 + shipping

"I have your DVD's and they are Awesome! Just right for my character!!"

- Magical Don from Indiana

"Norm's videos are packed with fantastic Balloon Magic effects and complete presentations. This makes it an incredible bang for the buck. Kids always love balloons and when you add a little magic and fun you get and irresistible combination. A lot of great entertainment."

- Charlie Brust Balloon Scientist Arlington, TX

comedy & magic with balloonsCool DVD

Get Norm's newest video "Comedy And Magic With Balloons - Volume III". Order today and get Norm's book "Comedy and Magic With Balloons" FREE! This is Norm's 2nd book, filled with routines that will add fun to your show, a $7.50 value, all for only $34.95 + shipping

NEW!!!! The Amazing Normondo the Great! Secrets of Magic DVD

NEW!!!! Normondo Secrets of Magic instructional DVD - A crazy, comical, magic spoof!

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It's Comedy!

Thoughts on Comedy for Clowns! Featuring Leon McBryde and Jim Howle as guest speakers, these talented Inductees to the Clown Hall of Fame share secrets of the trade!

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Cool Comedy Bits & Gags

29 Comic Bits & Gags to Add Laughter to your Show!

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Miracle Rope!

3 Great Magic Tricks In 1 Amazing Rope

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Joy To The World lecture notes