Ladies and gentlemen ... NORMONDO!

Normando in Las Vegas

Normondo's 2011 World Tour

Normondo in London
January Florida Keys Normondo Show
February Mystic, CT Magic and Clown Jamboree
March New York, NY National W.C.A. Convention
April Minneapolis, MN Mondo Juggling and Unicycle Convention
July Atlanta, GA Featured Performer: TNT Comedy Convention by Tony Jones

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing Normondo the Great! Normondo is one of the many hilarious and sometimes educational character creations of comic magician Norm Barnhart.

In May of 2007, Normondo was judged "America's Funniest Magician" by a jury of his peers at a convention in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Pacific Coast Association of Magicians 2014

"Norm was the special guest entertainment for the P.C.A.M. awards banquet. He did his 'Normando' act and had everyone rolling on the floors in stitches! My wife was up to help him and she could not stop talking about the show!"- Mike Norden - Vancouver, B.C. Canada

"As President of the PCAM, and of Ring # 387 - and Past President of Ring #92 - we cannot thank Norm enough for his contributions to our event. I give my highest recommendation if you are looking to hire him. He will make your event a success!"- Mike Norden - Vancouver, B.C. Canada

"Norm's stage presence and characters are simply fantastic! The Great Normondo had me laughing till I teared up. His unique brand of theater is hysterically funny and uniquely magical."- The Great Cigma, Magician LLC - Auburn, Washington - Commenting on Normondo at P.C.A.M. Convention 2014

“One of the funniest acts I’ve ever seen, He is great!” - Jeff McBride – World Class Magician and TV Entertainer

“I haven’t laughed so much in a long time - Normondo had me in tears.”
-  Kenny Ahern – World Class Theatrical Performer and Former Ringling Comic, Wisconsin

“Outstanding”- Royal Sorrel – Convention Producer, Boston, Massachusetts

“Normondo is Hilarious!”  - Dr. Richard Snowberg – University of Wisconsin, LaCrosse

“We all laughed like crazy. Normondo is a scream.”
-   Phyllis Sheffield President of W.C.A. - She has invited Normondo to perform at conventions in Anchorage, Alaska & in Houston, Texas

“A wonderful show, unbelievably funny.”
-  Lee Mulloly - Convention Planner,  Gainesville, Florida

“The Great Normondo is the Ultimate Las Vegas Show Biz Satire.” - John-Ivan Palmer – Nationally touring Stage Hypnotist

“The Normondo show is hilarious! I had me laughing like crazy. It is genuinely brilliant!” - Gus Davis – President - T. Myer’s Magic

“Wildly entertaining.” Steve Kissell - Convention Planner - Norfolk, VA

“Oh, my God!!!”  - Jolene – Corporate Meeting Planner and Fun Specialist

“It is very difficult to make Europeans laugh, you had us doubled over and falling on the floor.” -Entertainer from Norway         

 "Normondo was a huge hit - he totally cracks me up!"- Charlie Brust - Arlington, TX

Norm has been a full time professional entertainer for over 25 years. He lectures at magic conventions, and has written books and produced videos for the professional magician.

Norm's lovely and very talented wife Mia won a magic contest in Hawaii, making them one of the this country's most talented magical families.

Any event, great or small, will be a tremendous success with one or both of these amazing artists! And don't forget to find out more about Norm's other characters.

More information is available at,, or call (651)257-7116.


The Amazing Normondo The Great! ~ Promo Video

Normondo: Secrets of Magic Exposed, Fork Bending Mystery


Normondo the Great Magic - Vanishing Silk Handkerchief and Ghosts Mystery






Normondo's 2008 World Tour

Normondo in London
January Las Vegas, NV Steve Kissel's ClownVegas Comedy Convention
February Boston, MN Twist & Shout Convention Main Banquet Show opening for Jeff McBride
April Orlando, FL National W.C.A. Convention
May Minneapolis, MN National Family Entertainer's Workshop Convention
June LaCrosse, WI University of Wisconsin Comedy Camp Featured evening show
July Atlanta, GA TNT Comedy Convention by Tony Jones

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Normondo in Paris

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